Larry Wehrhahn

Larry Wehrhahn

Founder of Fort Lee Film Storage and Service Company, Responsible for Museum of Modern Art Computerized Archival Program. Larry Wehrhahn was executive running the Republic Pictures Corporation responsible eventually in the sale of Republic to MCA, Chicago Illinois in 1962.


In 1980 Larry traveled with National Broadcast Company Political Decision 80 as a consultant and manager of news gathering on candidates campaigning for party nomination.


Also in the 1980’s Larry assisted in the Today Show and Nightly News, political wrap-ups shows for each state primary and GOP Convention in Detroit and the Dem Convention in New York dealing with all cutspot lineups for broadcast.


During this Larry worked directly with John Chancellor, David Brinkley, Tom Petit, Chris Wallace, Ken Bode, Rick Davis, Tom Brokaw, Jane Pauly and numerous other Correspondents.


In 1983 Larry Wehrhahn was managing Bonded program services and Bonded film distribution in which he headed up all major studio film and video for television, ad agencies, television soap series, TV sport collections, world wide TV news collections and CBS television. During this time Larry was responsible for 4 state distribution to all theatres of all major feature films through National Film Services.

In the 1990’s Larry owned three warehouses creating Fortlee Film Storage and CO., all environmentally controlled for storage preservation accommodated each category in total area of over 300,000 square feet of warehousing, standard storage, air conditioning, refrigeration and humidity controlled environments.


504 Jane Street Fortlee NJ.

Built by Jules Brulatour in 1920 then later occupied by Eastman Kodak until Fortlee Film & CO purchased the lot.

Larry was also responsible for the colorization of Motion Pictures such as March of the Wooden Soldiers and and films like Rebels Army.

Larry was a veteran of the Korean War Military Occupational Specialist, Decorated, and Honorable Discharge in October of 1951.

Fortlee Historical Map can be seen here “Fortlee historical map

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